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What is the legal limit to receive a DUI?

How much alcohol do I have to drink?

In Mississippi, if you under 21 years of age .02%. If you are 21 or older it is .08%.

What do I need to do if I get a DUI?

It is important that you seek legal represenation. Attorneys may help you find steps to avoid the stigma and the negative effects a DUI can have on your record. While the punishment for a 1st DUI is relatively mild, the penalties become stiffer if you are receive additional DUIs. Therefore, it is important to take each offense seriosly.

What happens if I refuse to take a chemical test?

If I refuse to take a chemical test (breath/blood) - what will happen to me?  In Mississippi, by virtue of the fact that you drive on the roads here, you have given your implied consent to be tested if an officer believes you are intoxicated.  This is called an implied consent law.  If you refuse to submit to a test, you may be subject to a fine and have your license suspended. 

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Keep Your License;

Avoid Jail Time

If you want to fight the DUI charges that have been made against you, you should definitely hire a lawyer. With each successive DUI received within a five year period the penalties will be enhanced. A fourth offense DUI received anytime in a person's life is charged as a felony.  If you are charged with a felony, you should be represented by a lawyer.
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You need to act fast!

A lawyer may be able to

take steps to stop a

license suspension,

depending on the





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